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Shot of a photographer Michal Stehlik standing in nature at sunset, shooting with a Sony A7 IV camera and Tamron 150-500 mm f/5-6.7 Di III VC VXD telephoto lens.

So, who am I?

Dad and husband of three blond hurricanes, nature and mountains lover, passionate photographer, filmmaker, and traveler, who occasionally writes a short blog story of his ordinary madnesses…


My love for mountains, traveling, and technology drew me to photography and video creation. I've journeyed from shooting with "soapboxes", through DSLRs, until my heart finally caught fire for Sony mirrorless cameras.


I love product photography and enjoy filming interiors and exteriors of buildings and real estate, but my real passion lies in landscape photography. It's an incredible mix of physical torture, adrenaline, and enormous self-fulfillment. Scratching your way up a mountain peak early in the morning, still in the dark, in the rain, in the cold, with a 15kg weight on your back... but suddenly you're above the clouds, no one around, just birds starting to make themselves known, and you're waiting to see if nature will have mercy and let a few sun rays penetrate the clouds that have been soaking you for an hour and a half…


It's not important to me to amass a load of photos, hours of video footage. What matters most to me is their quality and conveying the atmosphere and emotions of the location to the viewer. The unrepeatable nature of the moment is what I love most about visual creation.


Today, my work has extended far beyond 'mere' photography. I devote an increasingly larger part of my time and heart to video creation, drone piloting, workshops, and tech reviews, where I focus strictly on the products I use daily and have thoroughly tested.


In addition, I am a proud ambassador for Tamron and 3 Legged Thing brands for the Czech and Slovak Republics. I am supported by VFFOTO (professional Czech photo filters) and Vallerret (extreme condition photo gloves).


Thanks to my work, I've had the opportunity to travel the most beautiful places on the planet, and those that have charmed me the most, I will show you during my workshops - be it the magical Isle of Skye, raw Iceland, the perpetually green north of Spain, or my beloved Dolomites.


Travel the world with me and learn how to capture unforgettable moments with your camera, or drone!



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